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The Nir Haemek School and Youth Village

More than 1,200 students take advantage of this establishment, one of the top schools in the country. This school offers Computer and Science Labs, Police Academy Program, and various skills to prepare the children for a productive future such as Agriculture, cheese manufacturing and many others.

Located adjacent to the city of Afula in the Jezreel Valley in Israel's North, WIZO's Nir Haemek High School and Youth Village provides residential facilities for children who are often survivors of years of neglect and abuse as a result of an unstable home environment. WIZO's Nir Haemek is a remarkable model of mainstreaming high-risk teens from dysfunctional homes and teens who have immigrated to Israel without their parents with day students from the surrounding neighborhood.

Nir Haemek is invested in providing students with a wide variety of resources in an effort to enable them to reach their academic and personal potentials. Students in grades 7-12 who show a keen interest in science have a range of courses to choose from including biology, computer sciences, electronics and physics. The humanities curriculum includes communications, theater, Israeli studies, music, and foreign languages including Arabic, Russian, Spanish, German, English and French. NirHaemek takes pride in its outstanding educational programs, its encouragement of Jewish heritage programs, and its wide variety of extracurricular programs.

The Ometz Program

The school offers a range of academic enrichment and remedial education programs for youth who have fallen behind in their studies prior to coming to Nir Haemek. Students in the Ometz program receive 2-3 hours of extra tutoring per week in small classes. Many not only reach the required levels of education but often acquire above average level grades and matriculation exam scores.

Experimental Agricultural Hothouse

NirHaemek students studying biology participate in an intensive program involving experimental maturation of plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits. The program focuses on ongoing experiments specifically pertaining to water studies and best conditions in a climate controlled hothouse. A recent project, conducted under the sponsorship of various Israeli agricultural companies, tested the application of organic fertilizers. The findings of the study and the primary research conducted have been widely used by the sponsoring companies as best practices. "Going Green" campaigns are being offered in school projects.

The Ivcher Cheese Factory

This pioneering initiative at Nir Haemek is part of the already existing dairy farm which now includes a new building and machinery for the elaboration of various cheeses. The objective is to stimulate student participation in creating, as well as operating a small business and is offered to students as past of the Agricultural Studies Program. The factory also employs students returning from the army who are unable to return home and live at Nir Haemek full time. This project is made possible by the Ivcher family.

Police Cadets Program

Many of Nir Haemek's dormitory students have been in trouble with the authorities. In response, Nir Haemek has developed a unique program designed to support these students in becoming responsible adults and community members. The students participate in a series of seminars offered by professional police officers. Additionally, each student has the support of a counselor, a house mother and a tutor who assists them with homework and who acts as liaison between teachers, the school and the students. The students who participate in the Cadets Program are considered to be an elite group, and they proudly wear their uniforms at school offering inspiration for others to join the program to get their lives back on track.

Jewish Heritage Programs at Nir Haemek

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Heritage Program

WIZO Nir Haemek offers a wide range of enrichment programs as well as a special Bar/Bat Mitzvah Heritage Program where children from families in distress are able to celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. The children receive formal religious instruction which culminates in a memorable celebration.

Heritage "Roots" Trip to Poland

Every year, 10 youths in grades 10 and 11 travel on a meaningful trip to Poland after participating in a learning program on the Holocaust to prepare them for this powerful experience.

After School Programs at Nir Haemek
Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center

Nir Haemek offers an onsite Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center which serves the mentally and physically disabled in the surrounding communities of Northern Israel.

Nir Haemek Dance Group

Three dance groups consisting of 45 girls practice with training provided by professional instructors. The groups learn a wide range of dance styles and perform at school ceremonies as well as at various events in the Afula community.

Nir Haemek Singing Group

Comprised of 22 youths, the group performs at ceremonies, events on and off the school campus and are involved in musical plays. Instruction is led by an experienced musical instructor.

Residences at Nir Haemek

Mishpachton Family Unit

For students that require special assistance to progress in their studies and move past their personal issues, Nir Haemek provides a Mishpachton Family Unit. The Mishpachton, Hebrew for nuclear family, is a foster home simulating a family environment where students live as a cohesive family through their high school years. The "parents" of this family are actually trained social workers who live (often with their own children) in the house and provide the structure, supervision, and nurturing of "typical" parents.

Beit Haboger (House of Graduates)

This residence was built to accommodate a small group of Nir Haemek's residential students that have enlisted in the IDF but who are unable to return to their parents' homes either due to family circumstances or they have made Aliyah and don't have family in Israel. At Beit Haboger graduates are provided with supportive housing and vocational counseling, helping these graduates live independently and enter civilian society.

Beit Shabbat (The Shabbat House)

Beit Shabbat was developed to address the needs of students who, unlike most of their peers, do not have a home to go to when school is dismissed on weekends and holidays. The apartment style housing is staffed by a House Mother and a counselor. Beit Shabbat is one of WIZO's most successful programs.

State-of -the Art Facilities at Nir Haemek

Rohr Family Synagogue

Students who live on campus have shown an increased interest in religion and Jewish heritage. In addition to regular daily and Shabbat prayer, the synagogue is used for Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations. During the rest of the week, it serves as a study hall for workshops, cultural presentations and Jewish studies. The Synagogue features torah scrolls, holy books and religious accessories, beautiful stained glass windows, ark accessories and decorative lighting. The synagogue also showcases a Memorial Board with plaques in remembrance of Nir Haemek students who have lost their lives defending Israel.

David R. Kahn Sports Complex

The state of the art sports complex accommodates 600 sports fans, locker rooms for athletes or performers, an exercise room which also serves as a sealed bomb shelter, and classroom space for after  school classes and offices. The David R. Kahn Sports Complex allows the youth at Nir Haemek to participate in physical education and after school sports programs such as basketball, volleyball and fencing.

Falic Auditorium

The auditorium is the center of the school's social and cultural activities. Dance and singing groups train and perform here for the Afula community. The venue gives students the opportunity to develop their musical and theatrical talents. The auditorium seats 300 and is equipped with state of the art audio visual technology.

The Nir Haemek Dining Room

The facility serves 1,500 nutritious and hot meals per day prepared in a modern and recently renovated kitchen. The donors' Wall of Life is located in the Dining Room.

The Marjorie Meltzer Science Center

The Marjorie Meltzer Science Center is a dynamic learning environment for the study of biology, physics and chemistry. The center includes a state of the art science lab within its complex. The science faculty uses a variety of advanced teaching methods including interactive seminars and group experiments.

Pilavin Gates Day Care Center, Rishon LeZion

Rishon Le Zion is Israel's fourth largest city. The city is a low income area with a high rate of unemployment. Rishon Le Zion is also home to a significant immigrant population from the former Soviet Union.

This center provides an invaluable service for babies and children of working mothers, extending warm loving care throughout the day. The programs are designed to stimulate the children's emotional and physical development, with the help of sensory-motor play areas. Art and music, educational games, outdoor activities and well-balanced hot meals make this center a true home away from home.

Children enjoy delicious food prepared by dedicated volunteers including breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.  Children from different socio-economic sectors benefit equally from modern educational tools, ensuring a sound start in life.  The level of care and attention is outstanding, enabling all the children to grow and develop with love, affection and self-confidence.

The Miami Beach Community Center in Ramat Gan

The Miami Beach Community Center has been a forerunner of informal educational programming in the Ramat Gan area for over 25 years. Infants to seniors participate in the center's activities on a weekly basis.

The goal of this center is to provide children of working mothers with a place to come to after school, where they can find a warm atmosphere, help with homework, and a wide range of extra curricular activities.  Children can learn creative hobbies including painting, carpentry, jewelry, ceramics, electronics, photography, dress designing and computer classes.   There are indoor sports activities and preparation classes for Bar and Bat Mitzvah

This Community Center truly buzzes with activity all day long. The Center provides a myriad of learning activities for adults.  The "Inbal" program, a Senior Citizens club, provides a variety of programs for senior citizens including sports, arts and crafts, lectures, and coffee mornings.

The Center is beautifully kept and everyone enjoys the dance studios that were recently incorporated on the third floor of the building, as well as the Library where the children can do homework and find educational assistance. WIZO Ramat Gan is their second home.

Day Care Center in Hadassah Hospital

This center provides round-the-clock care to the children of doctors and hospital staff in cases of medical emergencies.  The children enjoy storytelling, arts and crafts, outdoor activities and music classes.  WIZO's staff nurtures the children and provides individual attention, encouragement and love that is so crucial to their development. 

WIZO Falic Day Care Center in Maale Adumin, Jerusalem

WIZO Mercedes and Menahem Ivcher Day Care Center in Mashtela, Tel Aviv

Cherna Moskowitz Youth Center

Located in Nitzan, this center was created to help more than 600 Israeli families who were relocated years ago from their homes in Gush Kativ.  Many still do not have permanent homes, schools, or any sort of infrastructure.  This center strengthens families by providing parenting sessions, family session and workshops.  There are programs to support women who wish to enter the workforce and open small businesses.  There are a variety of activities offered for children of all ages. 

Keller Sports Center

This center benefits disabled children.

Lea and Samuel Koplowitz WIZO Center at the Palmachim Air Base

This center is a vital social resource for the families of soldiers living in isolated conditions. 


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