Community Bat Mitzvah



A Bat Mitzvah is a major and memorable milestone.  WIZO has created a magnificent Bat Mitzvah program that provides an unforgettable experience.  A team of devoted educators and organizers spend months preparing each and every Bat Mitzvah girl for their big day.  The girls learn about tzedakah and create fundraising projects to raise money to send to Israel to sponsor the Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program for WIZO kids, who otherwise wouldn't be able to celebrate this important day. During the months of preparation, each Bat Mitzvah is learning Jewish values and traditions and creating memories that will last a lifetime.  

The Community Bat Mitzvah has become so popular that WIZO currently has 2 Bat Mitzvah Programs.  One in Dade, headed by Carla Fischbach and Yvette Woldenberg, and one in Broward, headed by Gabriela Brecher and Claudia Cusnir. 


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