Under the leadership of Gaby Rubinsztain, Simcha is full of enthusiasm and dynamism.  We are a group of women in their 30s and early 40s that live and meet in the Broward area and are always ready to work for Eretz Israel.

Simcha meets twice a month to plan our activities and to strengthen our bonds of friendship and love of Eretz Israel.

In Judaism, the name makes the person or the group. Our group is called Simcha, happiness. The only way of receiving Simcha is giving. That is why we are grateful to WIZO for giving us the opportunity and the joy of contributing to our happiness.

WIZO Simcha's members come from different countries including: Venezuela, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Israel, and cover the southwest Broward area. We  welcome everybody who wants to join us in this wonderful journey.

By becoming a WIZO member you become a part of a community, you become a part of the WIZO family. 


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