Under the current leadership of Anita Murciano, we are an established force within WIZO with a passion and love for Israel.  We are a creative group of women with older children and a flexible lifestyle, some working full time while others can devote more hours to WIZO. Either way, we always unite perfectly to achieve amazing events and projects to support WIZO centers in Israel.

Our love for Israel, it’s people, it’s culture and it’s history unites us towards one common goal; creating projects and events that benefit the women and children of Israel through WIZO.

We reunite with and meet new friends by attending beautiful fundraisers to strengthen the bond within our group and to support our community at large.

We created an amazing bilingual cookbook that is purchased by people all over the world.  The recipes are delicious and it has become an extraordinary fundraiser for WIZO.

We welcome everyone to join in our efforts. By becoming a WIZO member you become a part of a community, you become a part of the WIZO family. 

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