We Sleep at Night. They Can't.

Israel is under massive attack. WIZO has launched a campaign to help support the thousands of terrified children and women in Sderot, Beersheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod and throughout the region.

Your generous contribution will provide:

1. Immediate and long-term services at our WIZO centers. Food, clothing, toiletries and more are provided as families temporarily stay in our facilities.

2. Support to WIZO’s “Invisible Wounds of War” Program that provides treatment to thousands of children needing therapy for PTSD, a full-blown post-traumatic stress disorder that may manifest itself weeks, months or even years after the traumatic events.

3. Support to the Hosen Program that assists teens residing in WIZO’s Youth Villages. This curriculum teaches WIZO youth coping skills to deal with the stress of constant rocket attacks.

4. Help for women and children in dealing with the added trauma of relentless strikes and aggression. Psychological counseling and therapy at the Gina Frommer Shelter for Battered Women is provided.

Your help is their comfort and your contribution will allow them to better deal with the stressful and difficult times they are experiencing. Please open your hearts and donate generously.

See what our children are experiencing at this time...


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