WIZO Florida is comprised of 12 diverse and active chapters.  Our chapters are geared to age groups, location or interests.  We are very proud to offer something for everyone, from teenagers, families with young children to Baby boomers as well as our original founding group which is still very much the backbone of WIZO. Our chapters are located throughout South Florida currently serving South Miami through Palm Beach County.  Watch us grow throughout the state! Let us know if you want to be part of WIZO and live anywhere in Florida! We invite you to learn more about our chapters and join us!


We are a group of young professionals throughout South Florida who organize fun events with the objective of promoting networking, socializing and fundraising for Jews in Israel. 

Chairperson: Alexandra Silver.

Boca Chai

We are a group of enthusiastic women in North Broward and South Palm Beach who have found a bond of sisterhood by joining forces to lend a vital hand in the operation of hundreds of education and welfare projects and services.

Chairperson: Rona Namer.


We are an established force within WIZO. Ilanit-Tikva is comprised of a diverse and energetic group of friends with a passion and love for Israel. 

Chairperson: Anita Murciano


We are a new and exciting group of young leaders getting together to help children in Israel.  We are the future leaders of WIZO Florida.

Co-Chairpersons: Esther Benasayag & Sarita Benoliel.


Koach, which translates to strength, is an empowerment group for women.  WIZO has formed a new chapter designed for women to meet, socialize and bond. Women need each other for support throughout various stages of our life's journey.

Chairperson: Raquel Gorin Alalu


Under the leadership of Hannah Landman and Lucila Gamburd, WIZO is now active on college campuses!  It is imperative to our future to create an environment for young Jewish students to understand how important their role is to the future of American Jewry and the State of Israel.  In hebrew, Nefesh means soul, and these future leaders will guide the way for the future generations.

Co-Chairpersons: Lucila Gamburd & Hannah Landman


We are WIZO Florida's original chapter and we are still going strong.  We have dedicated our lives to supporting the women and children of Israel and are still active participants in creating exciting events to benefit WIZO in Israel.

Chairperson: Rebeca Schapiro


We are a group full of enthusiasm and dynamism.  Simcha's members are in their 30s and early 40s and live and meet in the Broward area.  We are always ready to work for Eretz Israel.

Chairperson: Gaby Rubinstzain


We are a group of young mothers who share both a passion for Israel and an interest in keeping our families and communities involved in the WIZO cause.

Chairperson: Ivette Woldenberg.


We gather our strength from our members vast experiences and combine it with a passion for success.

Chairperson: Yardena Slomianski.


Zorahat means to shine and we excel at creating events that are fun for young families. 

Chairperson: Shena Dominitz.

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