Bee Sweet 2018

Bee Sweet is an annual Rosh Hashanah Campaign created to raise much needed funds for disadvantaged women and children in Israel. What started out as a small grass-roots effort has become over 2,000 heart-warming gifts sent between the South Florida Jewish community.

How it works:

Our internet-based software makes it easy to send gifts to all your friends and family with the click of your mouse, while strengthening community and warming the hearts of friends and family.

Simply get your login code, select your gift recipients, and hit submit! From creating a greeting card to gift packaging to delivery, we do the rest making it easier for you to focus on holiday preparations while making sure your loved ones know they are being thought of. 

Our Bee Sweet Campaign benefits one or more chosen WIZO projects. This year, proceeds from our Bee Sweet campaign will benefit the WIZO Nir HaEmek Auto Mechanics Autotech Program. This is a three-year program designed for youth coming from abusive or neglectful homes and those who suffer from emotional and psychological difficulties. This program is a game-changer for these students and your contribution will assist greatly in providing opportunities for these children they otherwise might not have. 

What’s included with your gift:

  1. A ‘Shana Tova’ greeting card signed by you
  2. Beautiful Packaging
  3. A surprise Judaic related gift
  4. Direct delivery to gift recipients home

To purchase a Bee Sweet Rosh Hashanah gift for your friends & loved ones, click here.
Use your personal code or call receive one to purchase: 786.221.5522

To learn more about our Nir HaEmek Autotech Program, click here.

L'Shana Tova u'Metuka!

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