Nir HaEmek AutoTech Program

You can help WIZO to continue providing thousands of underprivileged young Israelis with the chance of a better future and the opportunity to become valuable and contributing members of society.

A number of years ago, with the explosion of higher education in Israel, vocational education began "going out of style", with less government support and a greater emphasis on college education, even for less academically capable kids. Today, many think this was a big mistake, and organizations like WIZO recognize the importance of practical, vocational education in high-schools for children with special academic needs.

Established nearly 40 years ago, the Auto Mechanics Academic Program – AutoTech – is a three-year program (from 10th to 12th grade) based on both academic study and hands-on practical experience. It was specifically designed for youth coming from neglectful or abusive homes who suffer from emotional and psychological difficulties and struggle with learning disabilities. The Program has benefited thousands of young Israelis, giving them an educational and professional alternative and guiding them to a successful path in life.

To be able to continue providing this type of high-quality vocational education, YOUR contribution is vital. Your generous support is required to renovate, rebuild and equip the classrooms and instructional garage of the AutoTech Program at WIZO Nir HaEmek School & Youth Village. The facilities, built in the 1980s, have never been renovated, and are run-down and outdated. 

Mechanics students can obtain a technological matriculation certificate (high school diploma) and over half continue on to obtain a Practical Engineer certificate in the IDF Ordnance Corps. The students enlist in the IDF with knowledge and experience for a profession that is always in demand, both during and after their military service.

Please help us to ensure a modern learning environment to keep the program up-to-date and to maximize its effectiveness and the success of the students. Help us secure a better future for these deserving young people!


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